The day fear is introduced, business stops growing (30)

The moment you walk in, it’s evident wether you’re welcome or not.

Picture of John Stefanelli Senior sharing some wisdom with young leaders. I thought it would be good to have one of the founders of the Swan Chamber of Commerce some forty years earlier to give young people a taste of what it’s like to birth ideas that last decades. Leaders that walk the walk and talk the talk. John spoke only of hope and opportunity and the young leaders lapped it up.

New comers know the vibe if they’re truly welcome and the event or new job is a flop from the onset if the new comer already feels like an outsider.

Rarely will this happen at the launch of a business or community group, it happens when it’s established. People will always be creatures of habit and create clicks after a while and before you know it we become exclusive and death is knocking on the door.

Some organisations are just happy to exist, they forget that feeling of thriving.

If organisations want to stay relevant, they must remain vigilant about being welcoming rather than resorting to fear tactics and recruitment drives.

Faith & fear are both great motivators, faith sees the possibilities and acts accordingly. People of faith in a business or social groups remember their vision and stick to the fundamentals of service to fulfil the vision. People gripped by fear close ranks, stop being liberal, start to become xenophobic and the metaphoric walls of control set in.

It’s been my joy to step into a number of situations where a group has closed ranks, no longer believing the very vision of what the group stands for and slowly but surely assist in dismantling the fear stronghold to introduce faith once again. All the dead wood of that organisation fall off allowing for new life to come in and thrive.

People inspired by faith do two things

1. They invest in people with their own time and resources

2. They speak words of hope and vision into the new comers

People of fear work in the shadows and it’s our duty to bring them back to a place of hope or shine light on their fear tactics so they disappear.

There is never room for complacency if we’re serious about growing dynamic enterprises and equipping the next generation to prosper.

Judge people by the fruit they produce not the rhetoric that comes out of their mouth.

Walking the walk and talking the talk.

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