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Public safety – More wholesome boots on the streets

When the light shines bright the darkness dissipates.

Picture taken in Port Hedland, one of the most affluent communities in Australia and it looks like something out of Mad Max.

Love conquers all, tough love at times, love none the less, not data.

The concern with AI, artificial intelligence and a system bent on data, data, data, we are in danger of creating daily sanitised dystopian fuel for the 5 o’clock news.

The greatest intelligence is always heart to heart, eyeballing the issues.

When police cadets sign up to make a difference and all they do is push paper around and get mentored by burnt out frustrated and unhealthy career public servants, what hope do they have.

Boots on the ground, true intelligence walking the streets, true courage by protecting the vulnerable and unsuspecting.

The wolf will forever exist, nothing new under the son.

Our cities need shepherds, wholesome boots walking the streets.

We don’t need AI to tell us when the crime happened, we don’t need AI to tell us the suspected profile of the wolf, we need boots on the streets.

Prevention is better than cure.

Leave the AI to the geeks, there’s room for intelligence, geo-decriminalisation hotspots, it’s called wholesome boots on the streets.

Friend of our law enforcers, let them enforce the law impartially and allow the fruit of their work speak.

Safety, peace and joy to every citizen as the wolf fears to tread in the good shepherds domain.