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The great event – Invite only – Behave yourself

Leaders set the tone, cool, calm and deliberate.

I just finished a week of festivities to my daughters wedding.

The anticipation was great, the preparation was detailed and the execution was magnificent.

With over two hundred guests, family and friends coming in from all over and creating harmony throughout the day into the night seemed an impossible task.

On the day of the event, people were preparing the last minute touches, the bridal party taking their time to look picture perfect and they did. The marriage ceremony of mixed cultures made the hardest of us tearful and grateful, reminded of love and its intoxicating power.

In the evening it was time for family and guests to join in the celebration with plenty of food, drink and music. The speeches were being shared with more laughter and tears as loved ones open up to honour the new young couple. The last of the speeches was the groom, he stood up and kindly thanked and honoured all the right people. He then finished his speech with the most memorable words.

~ “We’re about to celebrate, eat, drink and dance for the rest of the evening so if there’s anyone that has any issues, please go for a walk and keep walking till you get out the gate and keep walking. Come back tomorrow when you’re all cooled off and have something to eat”

He shared those words with a soft tone and a spirit of love making sure that all the preparation, all the hard work was respected and to honour every person present. No one was going to hijack the evening and rob this community as well as the newly weds of their joy.

I believe society can learn much from my son in-law when it comes to notifying minorities seeking to pull apart a spirit of harmony and robbing many people of their labour’s of love, it’s not on.

As you can imagine, the evening flowed and the celebration was big, if there were any incidence, no one was effected.

Leaders set the tone, cool, calm and deliberate.