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Directions 2031 will have Perth CBD look like Gotham if it doesn’t adapt.

Perth City takes the most amazing Ariel pics. If you lived in South of Perth, the vista is to die for but after 6pm in the Perth CBD, welcome to Zombie land.

I’d like to take all the city planners for a walk through our beautiful city after 6pm to feel what I feel, all dressed up and nowhere to go.

We are doing ourselves a disservice if we keep on thinking like 1950s America’s automotive and suburban spread.

It’s not smart, it’s not sustainable.

Since the mining boom has settled and the one speed economy continues to hit the back pocket of normal Western Australians, we must rethink what we’re doing with our 20sq km of the CBD.

Mining companies will continue to get smarter and more profitable in the way they function which means less jobs for the unskilled that have been overpaid for decades. Unions can’t change this trend, our wishful thinking can’t change this trend.

The Perth CBD must become the entrance statement to the greater city of Perth and Western Australia or we might follow in the footsteps of Detroit and decline as a population and a place of opportunity.

Throwing money at promoting Western Australia as the place to visit and spend big when our city closes at 5pm is a little naive, especially if we’re to attract people to the most isolated city in the world.

Perth City Centre must grow in residential living, student residence and tourism by another 100,000 to create our own unique eco hub and attract world attention.

Smart Cities must be measured by the effect they have on their citizens and Perth must rethink its approach when planning into the future.

Directions 2031 won’t cut it.

Lets be mindful to create a bigger pie that all citizens benefit in an ever changing world. Rather than be influenced by greenfield smart city concepts, we can retrofit Perth CBD to be the most accomodating and influential Global Smart City.

It’s our city.