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I’m stirred after Linda Reynolds Australian Senator talked on Ending Slavery

End World Slavery and the exploitation of Orphanages.

Senator Reynolds shared at a Swan Chamber Business of Commerce Breakfast and I must admit she got my attention.

I’ve attended more business events than I care to think about but every now and again one will just capture my attention.

Senator Reynolds shares a number of subjects. Then she bomb shelled my heart suggesting an audit of the top three thousand Australian companies to make sure they truly were corporately socially responsible. Senator Reynolds also went on about Orphanages being exploited and Australians giving spirit going towards those who live off vulnerable children.

Some subjects get my attention and it’s not roads and more freeways

The Senator’s comments would’ve been like water off a ducks back to the majority of the audience but they hit me like a hammer.

Imagine the ripple effect of holding people accountable not only fiscally but evidence of social impact as part of the audit.

Peoples lives been changed forever, communities transforming, the young and the vulnerable being safe.

I’d be the first to lift up my hand and investigate the grassroots impact of every dollar spent and the lives we can truly save.

I believe if our top three thousand Australian companies were truly socially responsible they will reap not only greater profits, they will influence others to follow suit.

I also believe if we stop building new Orphanages and rebuild communities to take care of their own we will see greater social impact.

Love is contagious – Profit alone destroys the soul.

Don’t stop Giving, it is a sign of health. Let’s just expect more from those that reap so much.

I’ve written to Senator Reynolds office after she suggested we talk further and look forward to being part of the solution.

Corporate Social Responsibility obviously goes way beyond our top three thousand companies that utilise labour and resources in developing countries, it must start in our own neighbourhood.