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Superstitions & Myths

Superstitions & Myths probably have a basis for truth if we peel things back just a little.

My mother would tell me never to throw bread away because it was like throwing the body of Christ in the bin.

Growing up in Australian schools as a superstitious kid, you can imagine how mortified I was when I saw vegemite sandwiches thrown away. Kids preferred to play than to eat bread.

Fact was, my parents survived such extreme poverty, I can just imagine mum thanking God and kissing every morsel of bread she found.

We often mock what we don’t understand.

We call people ignorant, dumb, barbaric, primitive even superstitious.

As I got older, I respectfully mocked my mum stupid for some of her weird superstitions and yet I still find it hard to throw food in the bin.

I’m kind of glad the above myth stayed in my Psyche, not that I believe it’s the body of Christ, I’m just forever thankful that I’ve never truly gone hungry.

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