Teachers Rock, I know, I married one (36)

I’m glad some people never retire

I Just finished a great conversation with a semi-retired teacher/ educator who’s been doing her work for over forty five years

Interesting observations through her eyes.

1. The world has changed so much and children aren’t being prepared for life.

2. Teachers get worn out by the system and the children get left behind

3. Government is way too slow to recognise the issues let alone implement the necessary changes

4. It’s important that our children develop critical thinking and emotional intelligence from primary school age rather than be conditioned by rote learning

Her observations are relevant as she currently goes from school to school as an education developer.

She believes teachers would benefit greatly by having outsiders that are not part of the education system do workshops to stimulate alternative methods of coping with their stress.

Don’t bury your gift, the world needs you

I thanked her for not retiring and encouraged her to keep mentoring young teachers to stay true to their calling.

God knows we need more authentic teachers that don’t burnout through unrealistic expectations of an education system that is not smart.

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