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Make managers squirm at the leadership table

From the Managers table to the Leaders table

I invited potential leaders within a Construction company to the managers table, teaching them management and effectiveness.

I’d pick various managers month to month and we’d go out to breakfast. My hope was to see them transition from management into leadership.

The difference between a manager and a leader is very distinct. Managers manage processes and leaders nurture peoples potential.

A brilliant manager has the ability to burn good people unless they make the leadership transition. Brilliant managers become disengaged if they don’t make the leadership transition.

After several lessons on managing processes well, the results of effectiveness escalated within the company. Many of the managers were lifted to higher roles of responsibility and I felt it was time to invite them to the leadership table.

The leadership table separates potential leaders from those that use their skills just for their own progress.

Many are called few are chosen

I invited approx twelve managers to a breakfast where the cafe overlooked Perth city. This lesson was going to be different to all the other lessons I taught. I knew I’d divide the table in two, those that wanted to continue their journey of self indulgence and those that were interested in a journey of leadership.

I talked about making a difference within the construction industry, Mental Health and Suicide Prevention. Very heavy topics that needed to be shared with those that oversaw the well-being of hundreds of co-workers.

After the lesson was shared, I asked each one on the table to give $500 towards printing hundreds of HiVis vests and roll out a campaign called ‘run for a friend ;’

While I knew the Construction Boss would’ve paid for it all, I believed it was opportune to teach these managers the value of investing in Social Capital.

The table divided

The moment I challenged them the atmosphere changed dramatically. No longer were we the elite group of managers going off to breakfast once a month. I threw them an opportunity to truly make a difference.

The table was divided in half, arms were folded, faces looked annoyed on one side. On the other side questions were asked “When do you need the money by?”

That morning was very defining and clearly the difference between those that see their life as stewards and those that see themselves as proprietors.

Stewards will always find themselves at the leadership table and proprietors will always burn people for their own end.

I disclosed all the above to the owner of the construction company, Mr Gerry Hanssen before the breakfast and he had a glint in his eye at the thought of leaders being birthed.

Needless to say we achieved our goal, we raised the necessary funds, leaders were birthed and Social Capital was released.

Never be ashamed to challenge talented people to the leadership table. Their talent is a gift and it doesn’t belong to them, it was given to them by God to add value to the world.