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Engineers are terrible Shepherds

When designing a Smart City, who brings all the soft sciences together? not Engineers.

Engineers are often brilliant in a silo environment, like mad scientists, they thrive on creating possibilities.

The shepherd (facilitator) isn’t threatened nor absorbed by the process of invention. Shepherds have the ability to bring the team together and keep the overall project on task.

A truly Smart City engages leaders that have a holistic approach to facilitate soul not just infrastructure.

Most current models of greenfield Smart Cities haven’t stood the test of time to measure the harmony of its citizens.

Retrofitting an existing City into a Global Smart City allows for culture to be re-birthed as technology incrementally adds value.

Smart Cities must thread together numerous elements that are mixed with aspects as old as time and new breakthrough technology.

Human beings simply want food, shelter, belonging, meaning, opportunity and to reproduce.

Shepherds are great at facilitating and threading numerous elements together and engineers are brilliant at developing and improving the individual elements. Note also, Shepherds aren’t good at engineering, just to balance my blog. -_-

If the two work together, the sky is the limit.

Creating a Global Smart City, it’s not rocket science.