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Smart City Perth – Stumbling into purpose

I think we stumble into purpose, I certainly have.  

I had a crazy idea, that I could make a difference within a construction company. After a five year experiment it was evident healthy change happened. I’m convinced we can roll out this crazy idea or as some would call it, a pipe-dream called Smart City Perth

Picture taken the first day I started working within one of Australia’s most progressive construction companies. The Managing Director, Gerry Hanssen of the company gave me two things the day I started.

  1. An opportunity to do what was in my heart to assist in creating a healthy lasting culture and develop next generation leaders
  2. A metaphorical rope, that will hang me if I don’t succeed 

The experiment worked and fortunately I survived. It has however stirred me about the possibilities of creating a wholesome culture across a city. Smart City Perth looks at the most important component of any great idea. How do you help others capture a vision and what will be the effect on the citizens?.

What will our cities look like and feel like by 2050?

Its already proven that we can build the infrastructure that can accommodate millions of people.

I’m confident that technology will meet the requirements of fantastic developments. I’m confident that the pie can get larger to prosper the masses.

My hesitation for any smart city concept is the people factor. Ironically when I investigate Smart Cities or business ideas that scale up, the people are often left behind.

In the last forty years I’ve effectively worked in three industries that has helped my resolute that Smart Cities must be about culture first and the rest will be accommodated.

With twenty five years of service in the not for profit sector developing local faith communities, this has definitely developed an understanding of healthy and unhealthy dynamics of group thought.

No one can escape group thought but we can control the effect and direct it towards building healthy (cities) communities.

Over the last nineteen years I’ve worked in commercial property management, retail and high-rise apartments developments. Having a sustainable business model is imperative.

Smart City Perth will invite those who have a larger than life attitude towards a social consciousness coupled with a business acumen who embrace a rapidly changing world of technology, to be part of the solutions.

Social consciousness alone won’t cut it and economics hasn’t cut it. The two must not be separated, they must become a whole.

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