Corporate Social Responsabilty, Leadership, Smart City Perth

We are weary of your rhetoric

When politicians preachers parents practitioners professionals have no appetite other than the pursuits of power.

You can guarantee they do not have your best interest at heart.

Dethrone them from their lofty towers and let them go hungry for a season.

Bring each and everyone back to the grassroots of empathy and relevance.

Hunger awakens the appetite.

Hunger sharpens the senses.

Hunger brings everything back to what matters most.

My dog has the look I want our leaders to have, following his nose, looking everywhere, making things happen… My dog doesn’t run in packs… he’s a committee of one and stays lean and hungry (I don’t overfeed him as we do the five P’s above)

We are weary of your rhetoric

We are weary of your lazy thinking

We are weary of your false passion

Come back down to where we live and we just may be influenced by your message.

I’m a social capitalist ‘I look to help those that can’t help themselves and agitate those that can’

We are stewards of this world, why do we act like proprietors – We can’t take this stuff with us but we can leave a legacy.