Australian Migrants Rock (38)

Children of unskilled, unlearned and non English speaking migrants 51 years today, 16th April 2019

My parents arrived at the Fremantle docks with all their woes and sorrows of poverty, civil war and hopelessness into the arms of a country that gave them a chance.

My brother ended up getting two degrees, maths and music while working in the family business. I remember him doing his homework while the filo pastry was drying. He became a teacher and a pastor in Sydney and Melbourne. Now he’s teaching in a Perth Christian high school influencing the next generation.

My sister is highly intelligent and can serve an army with her hospitality skills. She’s brilliant with her money which has helped her wild journey as a missionary to Indonesia, Vietnam, China and India with her husband and family.

Me, well don’t worry about me, I’m still a work in progress and love what I do. I’m just glad I attracted the most awesome Australian girl who married me and we’ve had children that are larger than life adding value to Australia, New Zealand and India.

Thank God for Australia who allowed unskilled, unlearned and non English migrants like my parents into this country 51 years ago today.

Imagine the impact of the migrants that we question regarding their value due to their unfortunate circumstances. The sky is the limit what they can do for this country and the world around us.

Judge every person on their own merits rather than be damned with lazy group thought.

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