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Minds disrupted to the possibilities of creating a global city with a social conscience

There were moments during the presentation by Gerry Hanssen you could hear their brains ticking of sheer possibilities… minds being disrupted to be free thinkers and not be at the beck and call of bureaucracy or our own fears and limitations.

Perth, it’s our city

Smart City Perth is a kindling fire made up of women and men from all walks of life. No one owns the vision, we just hear Perth crying out to us to create a global city with a social conscience.

The moment others try to define and pigeon hole it, Smart City Perth will surprise them and keep growing

The questions that should be asked are

“Am I willing to contribute to the larger picture?”

“Am I willing to acknowledge that the best ideas sometimes come from the oddest places?”

“Am I ready to commit, adapt, change with the opportunities presented?”

“Am I willing to share the spoils of victory and create a larger pie for our future generations?”

“Am I willing to believe in a much larger vision than I’ve ever dreamed and prepared for the roller coaster ride that comes with being a doer?”

Smart City Perth invites you to join other Fellows at our next meet and greet… Builders, Lawyers, Developers, Investors, Trades, Trainers, Academics, Engineers, Educators, Philosophers, Philanthropists, Change agents, Futurists, Horticulturalists, Artists, Sports Professionals, Business Owners, Diplomats, Politicians, Landlords, Interns, NGOs and anyone else that wants to make a difference

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