Corporate Social Responsabilty, Leadership, Smart City Perth

Governments will have to adapt to the futurists

One thing is for sure, Perth a city asleep is waking up

Doers are coming out of the caves and sharing their frustrations

I’m talking about significant individuals that in their own right are successful

They have no interest joining yet another network, they make money while they sleep

What they are interested in is change, they tire of government rhetoric and get on with it regardless of who’s in power

Perth has many hidden warriors ready to get involved, ready to create the most beautiful global city with a social conscience

They are wise, cashed up, technically capable, wilfully ambitious and love to collaborate with others of the same ilk

These are the ones that the government don’t know what to do with because they operate on a much higher law, it’s called ‘Good Will’

We can criticise all we like the Mark Zuckerberg’s, Bill Gates’, Henry Ford’s of the world, but the world has been better for them being who they are and were.

Governments have had to accomodate because of them and not the other way around

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