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Passion vs Anger

Passion is that place that sees opportunities left, right and centre.

Passion is that old fire in the belly that creates movement, it melts everything in its way.

Passion fuels ideas till they’re realised. Some may call us idealists, dreamers, out of touch.

Passionate people tap into the unknown and bring it to the known.

Passionate people often get accused of being angry and nothing could be further from the truth.

Angry people don’t move on, they get obsessed with the passed and struggle with forgiveness.

Angry people feel they have no control of their circumstances and often play the blame game.

Passionate and angry people may have a similar look at first glance, just dig a little deeper and look at their roots. You’ll find both produce different results.

Passionate people look for an expression of creativity, they work in the realm of possibilities.

Angry people look for an expression of vindication at all costs.

Passion fills you up

Anger depletes you