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Local Government & Roulette Tables

“Local Government- Where ideas and energy goes to die” ~ Concerned Citizen messages me today

Over the past few months I’ve shared some views on local government that aren’t personal, just reflective.

Today I’ve had another person message me asking my thoughts on becoming a city councillor, out of his frustration?

I gave him my thoughts which weren’t positive but asked him to follow his heart.

Local councils remind me of a rigged roulette table.

Al Capone had a rigged roulette table.

How does a citizen John Doe win a case when they are normally lay in understanding the interpretation of exhaustive bylaws.

How does a citizen John Doe go up against teams of people, councillors, departments, outsourced legals, outsourced consultants all at John Does rates and taxes expense? How does he compete?

He doesn’t, he just normally fades away relinquishing his rights because he’s just a John Doe.

John & Jane Doe you are not alone and I encourage you to speak up, we are here for you.

Should he run for council and be bullied by the hoards that are protective of their jobs, God help him if he does, he’ll need it.

We need far more business communities rallying together to break the stronghold of over governance

I believe South Australia’s largest workforce is federal, state and local government

I’d hate for that to become Western Australia

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