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Do the people belong to the corporation 24/7 ?

Fuel for the fodder ‘Human Resource’

They find the gift within, they get you to sign a code of conduct, they extract the gift and then they leave your carcass behind.

There is plenty more human fodder for the corporate machine. After all, the earth belongs to the corporation and the fullness within.

As long as there is an appearance of Corporate Social Responsibility, then who will know the better.

I signed my first ‘Code of Conduct’ document at a Pastors Business Meeting against good conscience in the early nineties. (There were about one hundred men in that meeting)

We were a movement and a subculture that were reaching the world and we were only just beginning. Our own passion and love for humanity and one another fuelled us not some document, not some legal jargon.

We were a movement of individuals, from all walks of life, of every nation.

The powers that be couldn’t control all the unique leaders that were being multiplied as a result of the passion and good will of the people, so they sort to homogenise us.

With statements like

“If you didn’t want to be part of the commonwealth of the fellowship, that’s fine, just leave. If you did, then sign the code of conduct document, your choice”

The leader of the organisation had the audacity to stand up at a conference (about 1000 people) and gave the following illustration with a cup of water on the podium and said. ~ “See this cup of water, this is us. See my little pinky finger, this is any one of you. As I dip my finger in the water and remove it, just know, if you stay or leave it matters not.”

The people cheered and right there the homogenising had begun.

Our uniqueness had just disappeared and we all started to become conformists. No longer an autonomous moment but a franchise movement.

Many of us like myself took years before we knew what was happening to us, we started fighting for our own souls to return.

Many of us moved on and we’ve gone from strength to strength as we maintain our uniqueness and contribute to the greater society. Many chose to stay in that milky state of mind.

The Earth is the Lords and the fullness within. We are mere stewards of the earth and have a duty to it, to our neighbour, to ourselves to stay true to conscience.

What’s your soul worth and redefine what a code of conduct truly means.

Don’t sign away your body, mind and soul to the corporate machine, your gift is worth so much more.

Answer for yourself, don’t allow a corporation to define you.

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