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The ocean is vast – Lets break the fishbowl

I’ve talked to a number of business friends about opportunities within Perth.

We seem to be fighting for the little that remains rather than bask in opportunity.

1. Big developer tells me, Government must change dramatically to increase opportunity and investment.

2. Small developer tells me, Local Government is forever exhausting our resources and are masters at restricting opportunity.

3. Trade, Technology, Training, Tourism operators are scratching their heads wanting to engage in innovative ideas. One by one they revert back to Government restrictions, outdated laws, unwelcome leadership initiatives, overbearing compliance etc…

Most of us who have travelled extensively have seen new horizons, amazing city transformations, urban renewal.

Commerce growing in countries that we once considered backward not so many years back.

We have become so tight, so restricted in our fishbowl experience that we neglect to understand that investors around the world have a huge choice, Perth is becoming less and less attractive.

I’m amazed we’ve let it get to this point, I must admit a little guilt and complacency on my part to.

I’ve allowed the War Chest in every local council I’ve had to deal with over the decades to squander good money after bad as long as it didn’t hinder me.

I’ve aloud our State Government War Chest to be squandered in our beautiful north west. I assumed with the multiple billions of dollars extracted from the ground, we’d have beautiful towns all over the north west.

I was shocked to see our towns look like something out of a eerie Terantino movie, desolate and lifeless.

It’s time to break the fish bowl mindset and be open to a new world of opportunity.

Eg: How dare a local council think nothing of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to close down one of Australia’s most successful rehab centres in order to make a statement.

‘Our War Chest is from the people but not for the people’

Solomon was right when he made the observation ~ ‘I’ve seen an anomaly under the sun, servants on horses and princes walking’

Those that create the wealth are at the beck and call to those that squander it.

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