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Be a walking contradiction

Be a walking contradiction.

Life is not absolute.

It’s filled with contradictions.

It’s easy to judge someone when power is unchallenged.

When a king is confronted by a supposed mad man from the desert for his adulterous affair, the king cuts his head off. (The king just gets rid of the voice)

When an adulterous woman is confronted by a teacher declaring reconciliation, the religious extreme are prepared to stone her publicly. (Hypocrites rally and hide behind the voice of the mob)

Both disrupters were prophets of moral law.

John the Baptist stood among the common people and lifted his voice against tyranny. Kings with no values have no place on the throne.

Jesus stood among the common people and lifted his voice against religious hypocrisy. Priests with no values have no place judging ethics.

Both men are a complete contradiction, both men spoke truth.

One judges the act of adultery.

They other rescues from the act of adultery.

Life is a contradiction

Judge everything and everyone on their own merits, not from a moral high ground but from the depths of human ugliness and beauty.

Don’t believe anything you hear and only believe half of what you see, it all comes out in the wash.

Be a walking contradiction.

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