Dealing with a Social Media Troll (40)

Nothing makes a troll feel better than tarnishing your character as they create an unreal image of their power in your mind.

It’s no different to the classroom or workplace bully.

If you’re in the public space, let’s face it, you’ve become a target of Chucky, the undeveloped mind.

Chucky is an undeveloped creature who only appears at night and when you’re vulnerable.

Chucky unsettles every area of your life because we have allowed this dark creature to become part of your psychological mental framework.

The moment we allow Chucky in, Chucky wont leave willingly.

How deal with this malicious Chucky?

1. Be your own critic before you go public.

2. Define what you believe and back yourself and it’s ok to consistently adapt your beliefs that strengthen your integrity.

3. Surround yourself with others that are developing their character.

4. Don’t rest on just one aspect of your success, develop a well-rounded character.

5. Stay soft on the inside and toughen up your exterior like a samurai sword.

6. Anyone’s opinion that has no interest in you as a person is of no value at all.

7. Anyone’s opinion that is too familiar with you must be measured with a little distance.

8. Being public attracts weeds of all sorts, weeding out is seasonal and is not to be micromanaged.

9. Don’t ever take yourself so seriously and laughing at yourself is the start of great mental resilience.

10. The greater the public exposure, the greater the need to develop inner temperance – controlling your behaviour is a sure way to torment Chucky.

Society needs more public figures that are free to live, work and play and Chucky will find someone else to play mind games with.

Developing Mental Resilience is often likened to developing peak physical performance, you need a coach.

These are the individuals that go to war with you. You catch what they have, rather than just learn what they know.

Walking the walk and talking the talk reduces the Chucky’s of the world to a doll rather than a force that messes with your mind.

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Who knows what light could come from a chat?

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