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We’re all a bit crazy – Beauty of being human

Unexpected Lesson on my morning dog walk.

I decided to go a different way and a crazy shabby barefoot guy was yelling at me in the distance.

Typical me, I go and find out what’s he yelling about.

He asks me if he can retrieve his shoes from the Good Sammy bin because he can’t walk on the pavement, it feels like glass.

I ask why he gave his only shoes to Good Sammy?

He tells me that he’s a Muslim and yesterday while he was praying on Jum’ah Friday, he felt to give a gift to the Good Sammy bin for the less fortunate.

He didn’t realise how cold it would be and can’t walk on the pavement. He didn’t ask me for money just advice, would it be ok to retrieve his shoes?

I ask him the size of his feet which are size 9. I take off my shoes and tell him they’re a little big but they’ll be fine. He gets uncomfortable with receiving my gift and I tell him as a Christian I must do this just like you did yesterday giving to those in need.

I then reminded him of God’s love for us both. He grabs me and starts crying telling me “God will bless you for this act” I tell him “He already has” (right at that moment)

We both had the greatest moment of being human. Strangers shedding badges for just a moment and being each other’s keepers.

I then walked the rest of the way home and the path being so cold felt like glass on my feet the rest of the way. I even had strangers staring at me as I hobbled along with no shoes.

I can’t help but smile as I looked my morning journal notes this morning just before I set off for my walk.

‘Am I my brothers keeper?’

Mind your own business until their business encroaches on your business. (How could I not help, my conscience was screaming at me)

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