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Are we not of the same vine?

So you think you’re in control?

I walked my dog this morning hoping to bump into my homeless Muslim friend and see how he’s new shows are going.(not to be)

Today I talked to a Corporate Hypnotist feeding pigeons in a park.

I was curious who kept feeding the birds each morning and this morning I arrived just in time as he prepared to feed dozens of birds.

I asked him why he was feeding pigeons that have been coined by many as the vermin of the air. He didn’t like me being derogatory towards pigeons and we talked for a while about the script that we have been given in life.

He shares his perspective of Government control, the money system and how we’re led like sheep to the slaughter.

At first it seemed we were miles apart in our outlook to life as we defended our conclusions about what we think we know. We kept talking and we had more in common once the walls of fear and indifference started to come down.

Here is a man that came out of the finance sector and owner of a tax accounting office who is completely disillusioned with the system.

He is disappointed with his tertiary education and rather than teach him how to be critical in his thinking he was trained to comply.

He finds some reprieve feeding birds and trying to connect with his soul.

I share with him we are not too different. I encouraged him to continue to yield to his God given conscience and he’ll be led in the right direction.

I’m convinced we all come from the earth, we will also return to the earth and our spirits will continue. We are connected spiritually with one another and that connection becomes evident when we reconnect with the vine, the source of life.

I ended our conversation asking him the question “2050 where will Australia be?”

He says “We will not be Australia, there will be a one world monetary system and we will be controlled by those that control the system. Government as we know will be completely different and we will be the slaves of those who control the money”

He’s not far from the truth, it’s always been that way.

There’s an old false golden rule saying “Those that have the gold make the rules” and we who live by the true golden rule (love your neighbor as yourself) will pay a dear price for standing our ground.

What an interesting conversation with a Corporate Hypnotist and a Corporate Chaplain this morning.

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