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The empath has no ownership of those they rescue

Dear MD, CEO, Leader, Pastor or Empath

An empath’s gift is as real as a poet, musician, sculpturer, artist.

Their gift has the ability to breath life into others just by their presence and words.

There’s a unique ancient story of a woman struggling with an emotional and physical blood disorder. She in her desperation spent all her resources looking for healing.

Jesus walked through the cluttered streets and people observed him as a radical, a disrupter, a change agent, which he was.

This woman observed him as an empath, someone that felt her pain. She convinced herself that if she could just touch the hem of his coat that she would be restored and she did.

The empath (Jesus) knew his gift was used by one person in the crowd because he felt virtue empty out of him towards the need of another and asked the question “Who touched me?”

I have the suspicion Jesus knew exactly who touched him and wanted her to receive not only a physical healing but an emotional one to.

The woman trembled and acknowledged to Jesus that she did, probably feeling like a thief.

Jesus looked her in the eyes and said “Daughter, be of good comfort: your faith has made you whole; go in peace.”

A true empath, gives without expectation and gives ownership of life back to the people that were once stricken by emotional, mental and physical torment.

The empath has no ownership of those they rescue.

Dear Pastor or Empath if you truly have the gift of an empath, acknowledgement that they have the ability to heal themselves is vital.

It’s the Empath’s responsibility to lead them to God’s Goodness and let them go.

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