Disruption, Influence, Smart City Perth


An Underdog’s creative space can change the world.

“When you shared the idea of transforming our city, it felt like a train smashing my mind. It was too much” ~ Young gifted film maker

We were laughing a few days ago as he described how he felt when I shared a vision along with other professionals some months back in a think tank of developing a global city with a social conscience.

He is slowly catching the vision as his mind has been disrupted of the possibilities and the role he plays along with hundreds of other UNDERDOGS in creating a greater world. (This young film maker went from doing five minute video clips before our think tank to his first paid one hour documentary and its only the beginning) Gerry Hanssen – Full Interview


Stay lean, stay mean, stay effective.

You are the salt of the earth and the moment you lose that savouring distinction, they’ll cast you out.

The mind of the UNDERDOG is so creative if they don’t get distracted by the popularity game.

The odds are against you

The crowd is against you

The establishment is against you

That’s the UNDERDOG’S advantage.

I’ve seen way too many gifted people that yielded to the Hall of Fame in exchange for their God given Light.

As an UNDERDOG, we will always struggle to fit in, yet we can be the very trigger to create Social Capital and wholesome Social Change if we stay true to our calling.

The world can do with a few more wholesome creative UNDERDOGS, we’ll back you all the way.

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