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Radical Transparency

Being transparent doesn’t guarantee having favour with everyone. Being transparent helps draw out those that identify with our values. Being transparent also makes us a target because of our values. It’s not up to us, how others see us. It’s not our burden to carry. Healthy Radical Transparency requires the development of an internal compass… Continue reading Radical Transparency

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WHAT DO YOU WANT? A question I seem to be asking more and more people that are trapped in life’s drama. We’re often fighting battles that have little to do with what we actually want out of life. We’re fighting people, even in our heads believing they are stopping us from achieving what we want.… Continue reading WHAT DO YOU WANT?

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Prison Reform through Social Capital

Early morning meeting in Maylands (a suburb of Perth, Western Australia), I stopped for five minutes to say hello to some of the Hanssen Construction team on one of their new construction sites. A few years back this was the very spot that had a drug raid by the Perth Drug Squad which was authorised… Continue reading Prison Reform through Social Capital