Smart City Perth

Prison Reform through Social Capital

Early morning meeting in Maylands (a suburb of Perth, Western Australia), I stopped for five minutes to say hello to some of the Hanssen Construction team on one of their new construction sites.

A few years back this was the very spot that had a drug raid by the Perth Drug Squad which was authorised by Gerry Hanssen, Construction Boss.

I had an old friend who was a senior detective, we arranged the raid at a morning toolbox, locking down the site with over two hundred Construction workers having nowhere to run.

I caught wind of loose conversations of drugs throughout the Perth Construction scene and asked Mr Hanssen if we could do a sting on this site.

It was important to us to send a strong message in an industry rife with drug problems. We will not tolerate our youth being plagued by the dread and destruction of dealers preying on the next generation.

A few years on, we are now using this new development to build prestige apartments while we build prestige people.

Hanssen is working closely with Thrive Training owned by Chris Bown who deals with all the drug testing and mentoring x prisoners as well Peter Lyndon-James CEO of Shalom House, Australia’s strictest Rehab Facility.

This site is a working model that could be repeated nationwide as a boot camp for renewal, saving the Australian Tax Payers millions of dollars in wasted resources.

The government needs a working model to see and taste what renewal looks like rather than just have another philosophical document.

Those that drive by may just see another Construction Site, I see HOPE.

Chris Bown, MD of Thrive Training was the lead detective in the sting.

Chris left the force because he was sick and tired of locking young men up. Chris started his own company and works with x prisoners and x addicts full time. He now has the privilege of walking men out of prison and Mentoring them with the full backing of a Construction team.