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A question I seem to be asking more and more people that are trapped in life’s drama.

We’re often fighting battles that have little to do with what we actually want out of life.

We’re fighting people, even in our heads believing they are stopping us from achieving what we want.

When our mountain is in site, everything else is just an obstacle to overcome not an obstruction.

I escaped a religious cult over seventeen years ago because I figured out, it stopped fulfilling the spiritual path I hungered for in my life when I first joined it twenty one years earlier. They became a shell I left behind, not a burden I carry today.

The group did skill me in various organisational, group thought platforms and some world experience which have been useful to this day, however that group wasn’t my mountain.

I’ve enjoyed a great corporate life that has added to my skills along the journey, however the corporate life isn’t my mountain.


To know my creator in depth the older I get and the expression of that depth is how I treat my fellow human.

This mountain that I’m climbing keeps me from being bitter, disappointed and complacent.

The journey is long and the closer I get to the peak the more energy I have to reach the ultimate goal.

Leave this world with as little regrets as possible and leave it in a better state than when I came into it.

I want to leave this world with the biggest smile on my face because I’ll be face to face with my creator, and hopefully leave a smile on as many strangers faces that have become close friends along the way.

What about you?