He challenged them to think (42)

While travelling in India, one of my favorite teachings came to life while walking through a fishing village.

Jesus the itinerant and his first message

I was reminded of the first public message over 2000 years ago and the setting we have of Jesus’s itinerant ministry.

History described him as one who walked among those that lived in darkness. When he came on the scene, it was like the dawn had arrived in a dark place.

His first public words were as revolutionary ~ “Think differently, reconsider life’s meaning because the Royal Realm of the Eternal is right here right now”

Nothing has changed in thousands of years when we challenge people to think differently.

  1. His message was so disruptive, so revolutionary that the religious institution and government only took three years to discredit him as a loony with a messiah complex.
  2. By that time it was all over, he did what he came for. He unlocked enough minds to think for themselves, teaching them to live their lives in the authority of the Royal Realm of Eternity.
  3. Good News cannot be stomped out, it can only disappear the day we as individuals don’t tap into what’s already in us.

A life dedicated to exemplify a fresh way of thinking will always face ridicule by those set in their ways.

Those of us who have experienced a measure of hope are obligated to share that hope to a world still in darkness.

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