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Be the light we want the world to have

While travelling in India this week, one of my favourite teachings have come to life

Let’s get a little spiritual and why I love the historical life of Jesus and how it still effects me today.

Not quite a selfie because I was trying to get the white haired guy in the picture.

I literally grabbed his arm and yanked him to be included with his two fishing colleagues.

Walking through this fishing village just after dawn, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the first public message and the setting we have recorded of Jesus’s itinerant ministry.

History described him as one who walked among those that lived in darkness. When he came on the scene, it was like the dawn had arrived.

His first words declared without shame were as revolutionary then as they are now ~ “Think differently, reconsider life’s meaning because the Royal Realm of the Eternal is right here right now”

His message was so disruptive, so revolutionary that the religious institution and government only took three years to discredit him as a looney with a messiah complex.

By that time it was all over red rover, he did what he came for. He unlocked enough minds to think for themselves, teaching them to live their lives in the authority of the Royal Realm of Eternity.

The Good News cannot be stomped out, it can only disappear the day we as individuals don’t tap into what’s already in us.

When I looked at these fishermen, I smiled as I took this picture because they helped me to always never forget.

My life is dedicated to exemplify my greatest teacher (Jesus) and be ridiculed by others as I dare try to bring hope to those that live in the shadows of death.

The energy one gets from tapping into the Royal Realm of Eternity is where our Good News flows from, everything else is hyped up hope, at least to me it is.

Go to the source of life and you’ll never be left wanting.

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