Love & Marriage (43)


I just think a lot of men just need to be that – MEN and chase your lady till the day you have breath no more.


The following helps if you want a marriage partner for life (From my perspective)

1. Are you attracted to them (no-brainer)

2. Do they have a life (looks can only go so far)

3. Do they serve the community (tells you a lot about their values)

4. Do they laugh at themselves (tells you a lot about their self worth)

5. Are they happy in their own space (tells you wether you will be smothered)

6. Do they keep their friends (tells you a lot about their social abilities)

7. Do they know how to commit to a job, project, study (tells you a lot about their staying power)

8. Do they know how to be transparent even if it’s awkward (tells you a lot about their expectations)

9. Do they laugh at your dumb jokes (tells you a lot about their pain tolerance)

10. Do they know what they want and just go for it (tells you if you’ll have a safe and long future together)

All the above is shared in jest and light observation of what helps to create a beautiful life together.

When I met my future wife decades years ago, it seemed so simple.

I liked her, I thought she was so pretty. She didn’t like me, she thought I was too confident. I liked her sense of community and noticed her for the first time in a church play.

I asked her out a few times and she said no. I was fine, I was too busy living a full life to worry about it and kept chasing her, figuring out she’d see I was a prize.

One day she changed her views about me and started to like me.

I asked her out, we had the time of our lives, laughed heaps, she was the one.

I asked her to be my girlfriend and after six weeks asked her to marry me, which she accepted.

12 weeks later we got married, had our first child just after our first wedding anniversary, had two more children soon after.

We’ve lived in over sixteen homes, built churches, traveled, worked hard, raised kids, enjoy grand-kids etc…

Still Married since 1986. I can honestly say with all my heart the above list of ten prerequisites to having a beautiful and long marriage still apply.

I just think a lot of men just need to be that, -MEN and chase your lady till the day we have breath no more.

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