Don’t judge a book by its cover (44)

Don’t judge a book by its cover

Peter Lyndon-James Leadership Seminar hosted by Smart City Perth at the Pan Pacific Perth ‘How to create safer cities through prison reform’

The Lyndon-James’s family understand Social Capital at its finest

I started hearing about this guy called Peter Lyndon-James some time ago and didn’t think much of it, just another story of a guy that went from the dark side to a fanatical religious side of life, or so I assumed.

Having a real fascination for philanthropy and its purist form drew me to Peter time and time again. Shalom House & Peter Lyndon-James seemed to orbit my world.

At a distance, Peter reminded me of a world that I once lived in and basked in it until it went all toxic and turned into nothing more than a shell of religion.

Over the past couple of years at least, I’ve mixed with some of the Shalom House guys who are undergoing the Shalom restoration program. It was my privilege to spend time with these guys within a large Construction Company called Hanssen. I was considered the company Chaplain among other roles I took on.

Every time I talked to the guys, they had a beautiful smile of hope. They worked hard, were polite and were open about their past and their new life of redemption.

Over time I started hearing of the obstructions Peter was facing with the local council.  There was a constant attempt to remove the Shalom Facility from its current location within the Swan Valley. I continued to observe Shalom House growing and I had a tour of the Shalom Facility, all the while staying at a distance from Peter himself.

I think it’s important that we don’t create personality cults but at the same time recognise wholesome leadership.

  1. I’m of the belief those that create Personality Cults are driven and those that are true Wholesome Leaders are Led.
  2. A driven person must control all the cards, a wholesome leader comes to a point that to truly make a difference they must be led by the greater good and a social conscience.
  3. Wholesome leaders know they need to collaborate with other wholesome leaders in order to see the full potential of their vision.

After a while I invited Peter to speak to other self motivated individuals and business people. I called the ‘Developing safer cities through Prison Reform’ . Peter accepted the opportunity that was hosted by Smart City Perth.

I asked Peter to share what was on his heart to a room full of potential and leadership in their own right.

Peter shared his story and you could feel his energy unlocking minds and hearts. Peter was so transparent that it was awkward hearing what he went through as a child and the calendar years of incarceration.

The impact one life can have, including yours

  1. I just wanted to hug him and say, “I wish I was there for you as a small boy to protect you from your upbringing”. It made me love my wife, children and grandchildren more.
  2. Peter is one of those fortunate guys that doesn’t need my hugs and reassurance although I’m there for him nonetheless.
  3. Peter like many of us have been drenched in the creators love and its unshakable. I’ve not had Peter’s terrible past but what we do have in common is a love for humanity.
  4. People that are driven are looking for something beyond themselves, people that are led are filled to the brim with love and life.

Being Driven and being Led may look the same at a distance but they both produce different results.

A true philanthropist loves humanity and can’t help but give away their life for the sake of others.

Peter is an unusual breed and I look forward to assisting him in any way possible to see his vision of Shalom House grow nationally and internationally.

The local council or state government isn’t big enough to stop a vision that has blessed so many men and families that were once complete shipwrecks.

Since first writing this post

  1. Shalom won their case against the local government and they still operate out of their facility
  2. Shalom are continuing to grow and are building a new facility on a beautiful plot of land
  3. Shalom recently launched Shalom for women 
  4. Shalom are experiencing more doors opening both in Perth and abroad 
  5. I’ve even enjoyed taking a number of tour groups of professionals and business people to stir the imagination of ordinary people what can be achieved   

Peter Lyndon James, his wife and family exemplify Social Capital at its absolute finest.

For more on Peter Lyndon-James and Shalom House, please view their website contact them direct.

Lessons learned

Don’t judge a book by its cover and don’t allow others to judge you before your time.

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Who knows what light could come from a chat?


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