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Symphony – In the Greek ‘Agreement’

A standing ovation at the end comes when everyone plays their part.

I listened to the Western Australian Symphony Orchestra play Beethoven’s Eroica live, which sounded like heaven on earth.

The skill of every individual was threaded in the piece.

All the private practice of each instrument 🎻 was now on show.

Egos had to be shelved at least for one night for the Symphony to be heard in its grandest form.

At the Beginning, Middle and End, everyone honoured one another like masters of an ancient art, knowing the work that goes on behind such Symphony.

The conductor seems like the maddest of them all, standing with his back to the audience.

With neither an instrument in his hand, nor a word from his mouth the symphony is led.

Bringing out the slightest sound of a string to the crescendo of the whole, leadership is an art form few understand.

No one is grander than the other, no instrument alone can create the symphony.

No conductor with the greatest understanding of notes can give favour to just one, yet acknowledges at times one instrument seemingly has to shine above the others to create symphony.

Threading harmony is a team effort and it’s often led by a mad person that turns their back on the audience to give the audience what they came for.

A standing ovation at the end comes when everyone plays their part.

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