Who’s your Master? (51)

“Who’s your Master?” He said (a comment made to me by a client)

For though I am free from all me, I have made myself a servant to all, that I might win the more ~ Paul, known as the Apostle

‘Who’s your Master”?

To the modern day slave, that’s easy to answer, to the free person, that’s an entirely different equation.

Truly free individuals become servants to all humanity.

Sometimes it’s far easier to revert back and be chained to a self serving master rather than be completely led by conscience.

Nonetheless, truly free people will always see another opportunity to make the world a greater place.

The attached thought was birthed by an ancient man who lived in chains, survived shipwrecks, beatings and betrayal because of the freedom he found inwardly.

No longer was he subject to Masters with rods, but completely subject to his God given conscience.

He was free to adapt and be a Roman to the Romans and a Greek to the Greeks, in order to influence them to heed to their God given conscience.

A free person can only yield to one Master.. and that’s a journey each has to discover for themselves.

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