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I hope I can assist you in 2020 to connect to the freedom of an authentic life.

Ten years ago I was seriously at a loss, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

December 31st 2009, I recall being curled up in fetal position with a growing knot in my stomach. I had earphones on, listening to the loudest music, hoping to stop my head from spinning.

Outwardly I was in my element.

Beautiful wife, children and the most incredible job managing shopping centres with all the trappings.

Unfortunately 7 earlier in 2012, I started to develop a sense of hopelessness after being sacked by a world wide religious organisation.

I was 38 years of age with an impeccable 21 year history with the organisation. I stood my ground on some fundamental principles true to my heart regarding the way we treat people.

The organisation stripped me of my credentials, endeavored to wipe my name from the face of the earth and left me out to dry.

Could I possibly find my way back to living the authentic life I once had?

It took me 7 years to find my way back. The last 10 years have not only been the best years of my life to date, they have prepared me to help others unlock their potential.

2020 is the beginning of a new decade and I pray this is your time, like Jan 1st 2010 was mine.

My prayer is that your darkest hour leads you to the greatest light.

I thank God for rescuing me from my darkest self and re-birthing faith, hope and love in my heart.

I thank my wife, children and close friends for sticking by me during my dark patches, they are the heroes in my life.

My life is so simple these days and far more effective by stripping away all the non essentials that burden us.

I hope I can assist you in 2020 to connect to the freedom of an authentic life.

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