The age of Industrialism clashing with Technology.

The world has reaped extraordinary wealth & wellbeing since WW2 by international collaboration. (Interdependence)

As always, history repeats itself and there’ll always be an elite group that siphon power and resources during a time of prosperity (Regardless of political persuasion)

I call these individuals ‘Self Serving Locusts’. They are opportunists with one goal in mind, total self interest. (Independence is their highest call)

They are never satisfied filling their own cup. Their appetite is unquenchable, they will deliberately look for ways to take everyone else’s cup and fill them for their own purposes.

Industrialism in the hands of taskmasters has morphed the human experience where man serves the machine.

MILLENNIALS are taking power back

Millennials are fighting back much like the hippies of Woodstock did in the 1960s. Millennials aren’t interested in being controlled by taskmasters.

The Tech Era has just started to dawn and the Industrialist mindset is clashing with the Millennialists mindset.

The Industrialist wants to hijack Technology to take more control.

The Millennialist wants to share knowledge to create more for everyone.

In a shared economy where power truly belongs to the people, the next decade can truly transform societies be adhering to a social conscience rather than an elitist mindset.

A shared economy is far from capitalism, socialism or communism. It’s an ideal where individuals seek to become wholesome and fight for the whole rather than just for themselves.

It’s a return to the ancient ways of building communities that have each other’s backs and less reliant on government handouts and ruling taskmasters.

Interdependent leaders make room at the table for anyone willing to contribute. They lead from within the community and not from a throne.

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