Artist illustration ‘All Is Vanity’ from 1892, of a women admiring herself in a mirror yet at a distance, her dresser, it appears to be a human skull, reminding us all of our fate.

A morbid lesson that gives me joy once understood, that success is an illusion

One person reaching their successful expectations is another persons nightmare.

All is vanity 

The ILLUSION of success was perfectly illustrated by an ancient king when he said “All is vanity” He tried to find meaning and he didn’t hold back.

He used his resources to build monuments, explore beauty and exploit the human dignity in others to find meaning for himself.

He tried to quench his thirst for meaning by drinking the salty water of ambition.

In the end he came to the conclusion “All is vanity”

The king then made a profound statement, I would suspect almost jealous of those that weren’t as ambitious as him and said paraphrased ~ ‘I see nothing better than a person who enjoys what they do today”.

We’re all going to end up in the grave, all we have is today, everything else will drive us to the grave before we get buried six feet under.

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