In the space of a few short weeks, individuals are drawn down to their last pennies, some companies are pushed to the wall, faith groups and other community enterprises such as sports clubs and entertainment have been decimated.

Remember the golden rule, those who hold the gold, make the rules.

Meanwhile our government’s footing has become stronger, banks, multinationals and corporations are cleaning up and gaining market share. At the end of all this, we will all know one thing for sure, the golden rule remains, those that have the gold, make the rules.

If you have money, live like you don’t, live like a queen or king in exile, then you’ll make the rules and live accordingly at the right time.

If you don’t have money, learn the valuable lesson once you come out of this and you will. Learn the valuable lesson of conserving, being frugal and protecting your income base.

Don’t trust consultants, don’t trust your government, trust your gut and look after those in your care.

My mother, God bless her soul, lived in this country for nearly fifty years before she went on to glory. The one lesson she learned well after surviving wars and famine. She would never go hungry again given the chance and she didn’t. Neither did any of her children and children’s children to the fourth generation.

Australia was built on the shoulders of hard working migrants and small businesses and the surety of our future must come back to these fundamentals after this storm.

You have an incredible gift in you to create an amazing future for you and your community. The golden rule must apply to you personally in order to self govern.

If it means cleaning toilets, filleting fish, whatever it takes, there is great dignity having control over your own destiny.

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