Here’s a couple of books from my ever dwindling library. (I can’t think of how many books I’ve given away)

Having strong republican friends and knowing the Clinton’s are quite polarising, I’ve always been encouraged to disdain Hillary Clinton, so I bought her book and let her speak for herself.

After reading her book, I understand her better, still don’t disdain her or agree with her politics.

The book on the right is a bit more personal, I bought that book years after personally challenging Rev Spong at a University campus in Perth, back when I was a Christian that aired a little on the fundamentalist side.
I along other passionate individuals from various faith and non faith communities were there to either support, challenge or slander Rev Spong.

Rev Spong shared some views that were so different to mine and I had my chance to ask questions to put him on the spot. He liked my questions (that’s what he said) and answered every one with thought.

Later that week, I had written a long criticism of him personally and sent it to the local newspaper, and they printed it.

I took the article to my local church and it was pinned on the notice board. I felt so proud of myself sticking it to Rev Spong and folks in the church seemed pleased with the article.

Here I was, part of a huge religious organisation, championing our beliefs and reassuring one another how brilliant we were.

It wasn’t but a few years later that I started to challenge our beliefs, especially when those beliefs were becoming incoherent. Slowly our beliefs were more about controlling the people rather than unlocking them to be all that they were meant to be. Unlike Rev Spong who took the time to share his beliefs all the while encouraged me to grow in mine, I was marked as a dissenter by my own.

It wasn’t long before I was out on my own trying to find my way back to a faith that was simple. Funny enough it was books like this that have helped me find my way home.

I have a sneaking suspicion Rev Spong could read my life and every other activist that attended that university campus meeting a few years earlier.

The older I get, the surer I am about my beliefs and the more I don’t want to interfere with the journey that others go through other than provoke them to think.
Not what to think, just provoke them to think.

I’m still an activist, only difference is, I have no desire for anyone to follow me. I’m happy to point them in the true north direction and let them discover for themselves the bliss of connecting to their God given conscience.

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Who knows what light could come from a chat?

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