If our friends don’t grow us and add to community, they are hidden weeds, not wholesome friends.

I’ve cleared a patch of good soil in my front yard, preparing for a new garden. Within two weeks uninvited weeds are trying to make their home in the well developed soil.

Fair-weathered friends appear out of nowhere.

Many families and communities get destroyed by these fair-weathered friends. They always appear when the hard work is done. They suck the life out of well established families and communities.

Fair-weathered friends are takers not givers, leaving gaps of destruction. They are like self serving locusts that eat another persons harvest.

I’m forever connecting people to opportunities, I’m forever verifying the validity of someone’s authenticity.

When in doubt of someone’s authenticity because we’re bedazzled by their charisma, throw them into the community and see what they do.

A fair-weathered friend will soon drop its thorny prickles, keeping everyone at bay, while they suck the nutrients from the soil.

No one is an island 🌴 and fair-weathered friends I’m sorry to say are nothing but weeds in friends clothing.

There’s an ancient proverb – ‘Those that isolate themselves seek their own desire, they rage against wise council’

Time will tell if they’re a true friend or foe. To the wise, it doesn’t take long at all.

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Who knows what light could come from a chat?


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