The delusion that being busy is being effective.

Wether it’s a world pandemic or personal crisis, we all end up against the wall of self reflection. More often than not we don’t like what we see, blaming the crisis or circumstances for our discontent.

The only place the sun shines more than any place on earth is the desert. The very notion that happiness should follow us wherever we go has is own dramatic end.

Life is about ebb and flow and without it, death sets in.

In an industrialised world where we are bent on controlling nature, it has devastating results on the human soul.

An ancient song describes how a king who is exhausted has an epiphany about the nature of the creator. The kings words in the very first sentences says it all.

The Creator is my Shepherd, I have everything I need. He makes me rest at the rivers edge.

In order to gain perspective and see the universe in its grandness, we have to stop being busy.

You have the rest of your life to work hard. Make it a point of never being busy, always look for ways to be effective.

Build systems that serve you and constantly measure their effectiveness.

When I mentor leaders, the one thing that I instantly break is busyness. During training they never believe me that they’ll be more effective if they stopped being busy. There is a joy that I get when the light switches on and they taste effectiveness, rarely do they want to go back to busy.

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