Ancient Proverb ‘All roads lead to Rome’ or all paths lead to the same goal.

The sickest souls on earth are those who fight against their conscience in order to gain something that is not real.

The modern digital roads take us to places Ancient Rome couldn’t even conceive. Centuries later when the Medieval Templar launched in search of the Holy Grail, had they seen the internet; surely it would be the final chapter.

Digital Roads go to places where food and fresh water is scarce and like the quest for the Holy Grail, the roads keep going in search for the illusive.

The Templar’s purist quest was in response to a call to his God given conscience, to experience more of what it is to be connected to the Creator. The Templar prepares for war against anyone that would violate that which is holy. In the excitement and wander of the new world, these highly disciplined warriors sold their soul to the highest bidder, taking everything for their reformed ideological quest along the journey. These that took an oath before their God soon forgot their call and became everything they fought against.

Where is the modern day True Templar?

The Digital Highway is created to reach the ends of the earth.

In search of the Holy Grail to end human suffering, the noblest call of all. It’s at this pivotal point power and greed raise their ugly heads. It’s hard for the modern day Templar not to give in, the offering seems so great. Many will eat till they taste food no more. Many will boast till their words hit the ground.

I’m confident that the God given conscience works deep within the True Templar. They have to work through the politics of modern life as well as greed and power which is as old as time. Unlike the others that had a form or a veneer of authenticity, the True Templar finds them-self while on the Digital Highway. They see the opportunity and go back to the grassroots. With their heads bowed before their Creator and their sword prepared for a new war, they fight the very institutional mindset that lied to them.

If the Digital Highway does not give you freedom to be authentic, go back to the grassroots and stop chasing the illusive Holy Grail and serve where you are.

One thing is for sure, the True Templar who’s soul is restored will begin to taste food with a renewed appetite. They will even enjoy going off the beaten track from time to time, avoiding the Digital Highway to create new paths that no one ever has to know about.



  1. Read Books
  2. Go out with friends and laugh
  3. Cook food for a loved one
  4. Have a private hobby
  5. Serve in the community
  6. Help the helpless
  7. Buy a Stranger a coffee and listen to their story
  8. Enjoy a nice meal on your own and watch the world go by
  9. Get a pet
  10. look after your neighbor
  11. Give some money away
  12. Mentor someone who is an underdog

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