When did you stop laughing? (92)

When I visited one of my closest friends in hospital, it wasn’t long before my friend pleaded with the nurse to make me leave. I made him laugh too much and his stitches were tearing.

An ancient proverb ‘A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones’

Laughing  through life’s pain with a friend

There’s nothing that brings healing better than a great laugh and yet we stop drinking God’s natural medicine.

Three reasons why we should laugh at the ridiculous

1. Disappointment is where creativity deals with mediocrity

When we settle for mediocre or less, our creative juices stop flowing and our spirit starts to dry up.

It’s in the thrashing around of frustration, we have those epic moments of renewal, bazar optimism and the opportunity to laugh again.

When we hit rock bottom and we’ve cried the last tear or get angrier than you’ve ever been, there’s nowhere to go but laugh.

2. Laughter is a sign that we’ve done the hard work and we’re ready to be honest with ourselves

Another beautiful ancient proverb ‘Those that sow in tears will reap in joy’

The suggestion here, is the new life that comes by burying our potential in faith. Working hard to become all that we’re meant to become will have its moment in the sun. Know when to stop working and start receiving.

True freedom and joy doesn’t come from a place of finally arriving or proving others wrong. True joy and laughter comes when we let go of false expectations and we enjoy the simplest of things.

It’s the childlike innocence that returns to us.

3. Laughter is a clear sign that we’ve stopped taking ourselves too seriously

One of the surest ways to make us miserable, is to be the centre of the universe

Laughter is that bitter and beautifully sweet moment when we allow the creator to bring perspective to our lives

Laughter is a sign of faith kicking in, where we invite all the resources of eternity to come to our rescue.

Laughter looks at our problems and aggressively gives our situation hope, courage and inspiration. Laughing at this point allows us to be in control again.

The moment everything continually becomes serious, watch the world dry up.

The moment everything becomes seemingly impossible, even hilarious, watch the world become larger than life itself

Are you too serious for your own well-being? Maybe it’s time to loosen up and start to laugh again.

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