A new breed of leader, emotional intelligence is at their core (93)

While the world tries to fight against evil through, government, legislated laws, armies and policing, there’s another power that threads humanity together.

Even in nature, a mother’s love for her children is the closest expression of unconditional love.

Who do you want having your back, a manager that has to do a job or a leader that is motivated by unconditional love?

In our struggle for significance, meaning and survival, human beings justify all sorts of actions until they experience unconditional love.

Perhaps it’s that moment of being accepted by another human being without having to prove ourselves.

Perhaps it’s as simple as the family pet that just is and always will be that gives us a glimpse of unconditional love

Wether it’s friendship, family or the family pet, they are mere windows of the power to perpetual unconditional love.

The new world of leadership is embracing emotional intelligence as the catalyst of motivation.

There is a connection with emotional intelligence & unconditional love. This new breed of leadership must be embraced or we become redundant as a species

These emotionally intelligent leaders are the new elders, priests, guides, psychologists of society. They function beyond the one, two or three dimensions of body mind and spirit. They are multi dimensional and have the ability to create solutions beyond institutional pragmatism.

Emotionally Intelligent Leaders fill the void when

1. Friends fade away until new ones come

2. Family can be disappointing from time to time

3. Pets die and they can’t be replaced

Emotionally Intelligent Leaders bring harmony to the community

  1. They will generate energy in their team rather than fear
  2. They generate creativity in the community
  3. They are able to separate those that exploit from those that are being exploited
  4. Their end game is always the wellbeing of others and functioning as a whole rather than in part
  5. They prove that more profitability and harmony can come from the same tree

On a personal note: It wasn’t till my mid forties when I was completely dry, lost and felt alone that I revisited this well of emotional intelligence that filled me up as a teenager, when life was simpler. Having a childlike attitude is a prerequisite to tapping into the source of this new power.

Being in control is an illusion, being completely filled with love is an experience that can’t be denied.

A new breed of leadership exemplifies emotional intelligence or unconditional love through no other means but sacrifice.

You will recognise them at a distance, they’ are the ones people come to for hope, direction and belonging.

Have you struggled to grow in your leadership capacity?

Emotional Intelligence can be taught by being connected to other Emotionally Intelligent Leaders.

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