Launching an idea is costly, relaunching is a miracle (105)

Three things are vital when preparing for the launch of a new idea.

1. Muster all the fuel you can get

The first three to six months takes up so much energy to break through the atmosphere to reach the orbit of

Signing up your first client

Being free from the negativity of those that don’t believe in you

Experiencing new worlds of opportunity

2. Developing a crew that are willing to go on the wildest ride with you

New ideas attract lots of people, most aren’t the right ones for the ride

Develop a tight team that has synergy

Each member of the team is clear in their role and don’t interfere with other team members

3. Have a clear destination

There’s no point in racing around to build a rocket, mustering up all the fuel you can get, develop a team, only to get lost in space

Having a clear destination allows the journey to be measured for success as well as a game plan to come home safely

Why start that business?

Why start the band?

Why get married?

Why get involved in not for profits?

Relaunching is one the most difficult things we can do if the original launch fails miserably, but it is achievable.

If we take stock and reconsider why we wanted to achieve something in the first place.

Relaunching may even feel harder only because we have to overcome the mental barriers of previous failures. For some this seems impossible, for others, this is even better than the first launch.

Relaunching and succeeding is what history makers are made of.

I’m always of the belief that our best years are before us. Start dreaming and preparing for your first launch and even better, get up and relaunch those dreams that have faded away.

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