Humility & Authority have a common ground, what? (106)


A simple description of humility ‘a quality of having a modest or low view of one’s importance’


A simple description of authority ‘the power or right to give orders, make decisions, and enforce obedience.’

If I were drowning at the beach, I’d easily surrender to the lifesavers orders and wouldn’t get caught up asking for their Resume first.

This crossover of humility & authority are found everywhere in society.

A mother towards her children

A skilful teacher towards their students

A benevolent employer towards employees

The greater our personal independence the less likely we respect the authority of those that are devoted and gifted in a particular way.

If you aren’t drowning at the beach, the lifesaver isn’t even acknowledged by most

Parents & children grapple in seasons when the children are less needy

Teachers & employers are forgotten as the student grows older and more knowledgeable and as the employee gains more skills, the employer is less respected.

Wherever we find ourselves helping others, a humble person recognises their limitations and learns the art of backing off as well as pushing forward.

Humility is the opposite of low self esteem, it’s the recognition of limitations.

Authority is the opposite of having one’s way, it’s the recognition of owning decisions and owning the repercussions or consequences of those decisions.

If you’re gifted in areas that help others, stay sharp and keep honing your gift in the hope of rescuing or guiding someone at the right time.

Like the lifesaver that practices drills on the beach, we hope we’ll never need them. I just hope they keep practicing their drills just in case we find ourselves drowning.

Humility & authority have plenty in common.

Stay humble and be aware of your limitations

Don’t sell yourself short and be aware of what you bring to the table

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