Choose carefully and be accountable to someone, why? (108)

Children have an uncanny ability to share their thoughts, have a fight & reconnect in no time.

As we get older we exchange childish transparency for a more sophisticated life. We spin ourselves a spiders web of complexity and in doing so we entrap ourselves.

Unhealthy habits form when we carry too much baggage internally.

Unhealthy habits start to dictate the direction of our life.

Unhealthy habits start to bring judgement & shame to our already burdened mind.

Being accountable to someone you trust has three empowering elements to break unhealthy habits

1. You have a chance to come clean and start fresh

2. You have an opportunity to redesign and form healthy habits

3. You have someone who is impartial that is looking out for you and will not hesitate to speak into your life words that need to be spoken

While the above seems over simplistic, accountability is a method used world wide in all sorts of programs designed to alter the course of life.

In fact, when it comes to true sophistication, I agree with Leonardo da Vinci that ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’

Holding yourself accountable to someone simplifies life to the point where you can change areas swiftly that are out of control.

Now the question is, who do you trust with the most vulnerable areas of your life?

Find someone that isn’t trying to fix you.

Find someone that isn’t perfect.

Find someone that has a measure of self control in their life.

Find someone that has a measure of empathy as well as confidence to hold you accountable.

Find someone that naturally will leave room for you to grow without feeling like they’re losing you.

Having that right person to lean on in different seasons of your life can make all the difference.

Maybe you can be the very person that others lean on from time to time. As you develop core values in your life, trust without judgment will be your priceless skill and gift.

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