Midlife and it’s hazards, how to stay clear (107)

My mum in her ageing wisdom warned me about the middle years. She said ~ “Some irrational thinking starts to develop and you start to rethink all sorts of things and get a little loopy for a season”

Mum went on to give me examples and I was amazed that she was so open. For such a stoic woman that was always quiet about her inner turmoil, she seemed free from things that once plagued her mind.

The middle years and their hazards

1. You start to review the decisions that have led you to this place

2. You realise that you can’t recapture your youthful and energetic years

3. You may even get a little down thinking forward, where to now?

I’ve come across way to many individuals that live with regret in the middle years. These individuals that have slowed down for various reasons start to take stock of their lives and aren’t happy.

It’s to late to go back to our youth even though some try, which we have coined ‘Midlife Crisis’. Everyone can see it but the person experiencing it.

As dark as it gets in the middle of a journey, there are three positives that come out which don’t need to lead to buying a red sports car.

1. You’re old enough to start a new journey of detachment

You start to let go of things that truly don’t matter

2. You give yourself permission to be you

Most of your life you’ve done things for others and now you can think about what you want

3. You realise life is fleeting and time really counts

Taking time to create meaningful relationships rather than expedient ones

There is a darkness to the middle of a journey but there is also fresh light that comes out the other side.

A word to the wise, just keep going. Midlife is unavoidable and it can be a season of renewal that leads to a fresh perspective.

It’s a matter of awareness rather than avoidance. When my mother shared her inner most thoughts about her middle years, they were refreshing and helped me navigate through my loopy seasons.

Are you going through a dark valley that seems never ending and not sure how to navigate through?

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