Hear both sides of the story and stay neutral, until? (110)

In a world that corners itself and nothing gets done or someone just loses out, learn the art of influence and diplomacy.

Wether it’s dealing with government or negotiating a business deal it’s amazing hearing stories from two different camps.

Both have very persuasive arguments and neither may be correct.

Life is definitely more fluid than the hard and fast rules like a game of chess.

The ability to listen to different camps of thought while maintaining an open & objective position is what makes all the difference.

There is always room at the right time and not before to make your thoughts known. You may come up with a solution that will create synergy rather than foster ongoing divisiveness.

Present twelve ideas and one may be just the right fit for everyone. If we simply get locked into our predetermined opinion, we start to become part of the problem.

Listening is a skill that develops on the go. Keep prodding, keep asking, keep looking for solutions and the world will come looking for you because of your commitment to integrity and action.

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