It’s time to take over the jungle, metaphorically (112)

I met a man who had all the trappings this world had to offer and he looked at me saying “Tom, I can’t even taste food any more”

The man lost his appetite for life. He resembled the sadness of a Lion I observed trapped in an Indian Zoo compound. The Lion was just waiting for his meals and could hardly get up to eat. He looked bored and as majestic as he was, looked like he wanted to die.

When we’ve taken a prolonged mental beating, it’s hard to remember the incredible victories of our past.

It’s a dangerous place to be

– When we’re curled up in the psychological fetal position for everyone to see accept us.

– When we repeatedly speak words that dig us into a deeper hole of despair.

– When we think someone is going to rescue us from our mental, physical and emotional jungle.

– Fear of our entrapped mental state alerts other animals in the Jungle to start surrounding us because we’re easy prey.

Words to the wise, our negative thoughts & words, our whining tone, our grumpy disposition takes us further from the solution

Choosing to be courageous and exhibiting the boldness of a lion is nothing more than a recognition of our birthright.

– Going back to basics

– We are as unique as our fingerprints which reminds us that we are created in the image of God

– Recognition of our birthright strips us free from a victim mindset

– A lion doesn’t have to be taught that it’s a lion, it just is, it’s instinct

– When we wake up and our spirit becomes alive again, we begin to hunger again for the jungle

Returning to the wild is our saving grace

Before becoming too domesticated, consider how your comfort is taking away your appetite

We are intuitively born to hunt, it keeps us vigilant. This dichotomy of vulnerability and the unknown births salvation and wisdom in our body, mind and emotions.

Happiness is not the absence of challenge and setbacks. Happiness or bliss is the art of living in the moment and taking over the jungle from the unwelcome predators that prey on our weak and vulnerable.

This is that moment and I pray you have an awakening, a renewed mind and the boldness of a lion is activated in your daily affairs.

It’s time to take over the jungle, let the world know your presence again.

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