When setbacks are an answer to unspoken prayers (115)

Just before you commit to that relationship or make that big purchase and all hell breaks loose, you begin to see the wisdom of life right before you.

I’ve often pondered where I’d be if I got everything I ever prayed for, until I met those that have attained my fabricated destiny.

Success is not what it’s made out to be

I remember sitting opposite a man and with tears in his eyes as he shares his utter emptiness “Tom, I can’t even taste the food any more”

In his chase for the allusive dream of happiness, he lost his connection with the simple things that make up happiness. He was like a man fearful of his own shadow.

I recall times in my life where I thought I’d achieve far more and yet I’m so thankful those aspirations never came to pass.

1. I have time to think for myself

2. I was preserved from self destruction

3. Simplicity has never been so deep

4. Laughter has returned

5. It seems that God loves me more than He does my ego and for that I’m grateful

6. The right people have appeared to support His will and road of redemption and renewal

7. God hasn’t finished with me or you yet, nor has he finished with you

Moses was in the desert for forty years before he realised the fullness of his destiny at eighty years of age

Don’t rush life and always be prepared to respond to the greater good, even from our seemingly insignificant place.

God will often help us grow in areas of our life in the most remote situations. God is always looking out for our wellbeing rather than what we can do for Him.

When the timing is right, God makes things grow a hundred times faster than any effort we think we can put in.

Our best days are always before us.

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