The New Rich Syndrome ‘Having the freedom to think for yourself’ It’s catching fast (116)

I woke up to a dream this morning where the question was asked about true riches?

The answer was given like an impression rather than a voice “Having the freedom to think for yourself”

The one thing that has been positive about a world crisis is just that; societies and individuals are rethinking what’s imperative to humanity over what’s inconvenient.

For months we’ve had to balance the top news stories of the economy with death tolls and human liberty.

Time to think for ourselves is birthing a New Rich

1. We will see a dramatic change to the forty hour work week

2. We will need less money to create the life of our dreams

3. We will return back to the village as we reconnect with simplicity

4. We will return our hearts back to family, faith and friendships

5. Wealth will be redistributed not by governments but by individuals returning back to philanthropy and community

6. We will no longer trust big brother governments and corporations

7. We will return back to self governing by creating our own wealth through the ability to think for ourselves

The chains of rising external forces that herd us into their economic games will be broken

One of the richest people I’ve ever known was my mother who was house bound for the last few years of her life. I would often ask her what she thought about and her answers were so simple. “Nothing, I’ve got everything, I don’t worry about anything”

I would sit there staring at her with the physical restrictions she had and her ageing body and think “She’s not kidding, the woman is free, she has been for years, she’s got all the time in the world to reflect without anyone badgering her”

I’m starting to understand true wealth in my mid fifties and hope I can help others experience the New Rich syndrome earlier in life.

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